Savannah, GA: Fun Stuff

I really enjoyed the time I had available in Savannah.  This was my second visit to this wonderfully historic and haunted city.  Besides vising Old Fort Jackson, I also was able to explore an old oyster factory, visit a battlefield, explore a railroad museum, take in some wonderful architecture, and eat some amazing meals along the way.

Pin Point Heritage Museum (MUST SEE)

Visiting this museum was the highlight of my visit to Savannah this year. Constructed around 1929, the A.S Varn & Son was an oyster and crab factory located in Pin Point, an isolated and self-sustained Gullah/Geechee enclave founded by first-generation freedmen (former slaves and descendants of slaves).  These freedman (mainly women), whose main values were steeped in family, religion and work, were the workers in the factory up until the time the factory closed its doors in 1985.  In 2010, plans to restore the factory are begun. Once the restoration was completed, the factory became The Pin Point Heritage Museum.

My visit began by watching a short video of residents who lived in Pin Point their entire lives explain how Pin Point came into being and how important the oyster factory was to the livelihood of the people living in Pin Point. After the video, a tour was given by a lovely tour guide, Tania, who was born, raised and continued to live in the Pin Point area. Here is where I felt the most connected to the history of the area and the history of a special group of people.  I HIGHLY recommend, if you are in the Savannah area, a visit to this historic site.

Tricentennial Park and Battlefield

The Tricentennial Park site includes the Battlefield Memorial Park, the Georgia State Railroad Museum, the Savannah Children’s Museum, the Savannah History Museum, and Whistlestop Cafe. During this trip, I visited 3 of the 5.

Battlefield Memorial Park

This parks green space, although small in comparison to other battlefield parks, is quite powerful in its message.  The square grid memorial contains a marker for each one of the 800 men who lost their lives during the Revolutionary War on October 9, 1979.

Georgia State Railroad Museum

I was so fired up to visit the Railroad Museum. As part of the activities at the museum, you could take a train ride on a steam or diesel locomotive.  Prior to the ride I was super excited to participate in the train ride. After the ride, I was highly disappointed; the train barely moved more than 50 yards.  Despite this fact, I still enjoyed my visit to the Railroad Museum.

Whistle Stop Cafe

The Whistle Stop Cafe reminded me a time long past, where you would walk up to a window, order some food and then eat it an old train car or in some other nostalgic building.  This wasn’t fine dining, but the food was absolutely delish.

 Architecture/Captured Moments

What makes a city unique and interesting? For me, it’s the architecture, the people, surrounding landscape, and the devils in the detail.  Savannah is a city of brick structures, enclosed courtyards, beautifully crafted iron works, nature showcasing itself, and interesting people.

The Goods (Eats)

Savannah is a great city to partake in culinary delights.

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