Italy: Exploring Gargano

Surrounding the Sanctuary of Monte Sant’Angelo is a beautiful hilltop town.

Walking the Old Town

As you walk around the old town, you are surrounded by private homes, churches and wonderful eateries.  You really get the sense that in this well maintained enclave, the people who live here are very aware of living a charmingly simple and beautiful life.  The homes were well maintained and the communal areas were very clean.  You can feel and get a sense of the great history surrounding this town.

A Tale of Two Churches

As we explored the town, we passed by many churches, some of which were being restored.

Restoration is defined as,

the process of repairing or renovating a building, work of art, vehicle, etc., so as to restore it to its original condition.”

We entered two of these sacred places that were in the process of being restored.

The first church we entered was being restored by a lone gentleman who was using a technique that would complement the original work. He was painstakingly working on one section of the many frescoes in this church. The section was illuminated with just enough light to expose only the area of which this artisan was working.

A completely different kind of restoration was taking place at the second church we stepped into.  This type of restoration appeared to take more of a modern or the “let’s just paint over it” approach of restoration.  It wasn’t as authentic and lovely as the other restoration project.

The former church restoration was a much more a true restoration. That church was being restored it to its original condition. Once completed this church will be glorious to gaze upon.


For lunch, we stopped at this really cute restaurant near Monte Sant’Angelo. We had charcuterie and wine.  This included a sampling of olives, pane caldo (the regional bread), Negroamaro (pronounced nero-, like the Emperor, a-mar-o) wine, bruschetta with grilled veggies (eggplant and zucchini), and a sampling plate of meats (ham and salami) and cheeses (burrata, mozzerella, and several other delicious cheeses).

It was the perfect end to a wonderful afternoon in the Gargano region.



Next Up: Barletta

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