Missed Connection: Frankfurt, Germany

After Naples, my friend and I bid ciao to Italy. Our flight home was scheduled with a very tiny layover in Frankfurt, Germany.  In order to make our connection flight, our initial flight had to go off without a hitch. We had no such luck. Our initial flight was delayed and left after the time we were supposed to connect to our second flight. And that how we wound up bidding “hallo” and “guten Morgen” to the city of Frankfurt.


Since our new flight was scheduled for the next evening, we utilized the hotel voucher we was given and spent the night in Frankfurt.  The next day, we didn’t want to spend eight hours at the airport, so we exchanged some money at the hotel and took a cab into the city.

Once in the city, we hoped onto a sightseeing tour bus and took it around the city twice (the bus tour went two routes).

Between the two tours, we stopped at a little bakery off of a major square in Frankfurt where we got a coffee drink and some strudel.

Back on the bus for more Frankfurt sightseeing.

After the second tour, it was time for us to make our way back to the airport. We got there with just enough time to enjoy a truly German dinner and hop on the plane.

I felt like for this trip, I got to see parts of two countries for the price of one. Score!



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