Barcelona Favorites: Gaudi

Title: Casa Batllo

Story: My first day in Barcelona, while exTitleploring the city on foot, my friend and I happened upon Casa Batllo, a house built by Gaudi. When I saw the facade, my first thought was, “garbage art.” It looked like Gaudi just picked up random things and put them together in the form of a building. However, the more I looked at the facade and explored the inside, the more I came to really see the beauty in this building. Gaudi had a masterful eye for detail. This made me wish I had more time in Barcelona took really artist the nooks and crannies of this and other Gaudi creations.


La Sagrada Familia Facade


Title: La Sagrada Familia Door (Words)

Story: This section of a door can be found on one of the facades of La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. The words carved into this doors tells a story. I am not sure what these words translate to, but I know that the message would be powerful. Words have power.

Title: Inside Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia

Story: After viewing the amazing facade of this unfinished church, we stepped through the doors into a stunningly striking space. Everywhere my eyes turned, I was awestruck. Their was so many colorful details and interesting shapes. Even the spiral staircases, pictured here, were works of art. I wish that I could stay in La Sagrada Familia and observe each and every detail. I wouldn’t care if it took me years to see every detail because that is how amazing and wondrous this architectural stunner is to me.

Title: La Sagrada Familia, the Four Apostles

Story: My fascination and obsession with La Sagrada Família continues to have me in its grip. The painstaking work to realize Gaudi’s design can clearly be seen in the loving executed details. From the stained glass windows to the four medallions at the top of the columns that symbolize the four apostles (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) to the ceiling which reminds me of daisies, the basilica is visually stunning inside.


Night show at La Pedrera “The Origins”


Title: The Dragon of Park Güell

Story: Trying to capture a people-free image of this dragon is like trying to prove that bigfoot exist; it’s just not going to happen. To get this miracilous shot, I had to wiggle my way through people taking hundreds of pictures with it. And you know what, it was worth it.

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