Cuba People to People, Day 4

After waking up at the crack of dawn and having breakfast between 6 am and 7 am, we departed Havana and eventually make our way to Ocean Casa Del Mar by H10, an all inclusive resort in Cayo Santa Maria (aka the Cuban Keys).

While on the road we stopped in Zapata Nacional Park where we were introduced to the flora and fauna that makes up the ecosystem of Cuba with a naturalist.

Our next stop was lunch at CASA Enrique, a hostel and restaurant near the Bay of Pigs.

While traveling to our next stop, the village of Cienfuegos, we were lucky enough to witness how the Cubans dry their rice using the paved road.

While in Cienfuegos, we visited the main town square, one of the oldest theaters in Cuba, and watched a performance by the chorale group, Canticus Novus.

As we approached our hotel, we saw large groupings of flamingos in the Cayo waters (a lot of these flamingos were killed by Hurricane Irma).

After this long day, we checked into our resort hotel and enjoyed a buffet dinner with the group at the resort.

Another perfect day in Cuba.

To view more photos from my fourth day in Cuba, click here.


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