Cuba People to People, Day 7

On this morning in Sancti Spiritus, it briefly stormed. Then, the clouds gave way to a beautiful sunny day in a bustling city with people on their way to work.

After the rain, we make our way through the Cuban countryside to our first stop, El Mirador Bacunayagua in Mantanzas. Here we were treated to amazing views of the countryside.

After this stop, we continued on to Trinidad to explore the UNESCO colonial zone. While walking around Trinidad, we visited Plaza Mayor, La Parroquial Mayor church, Palacio Brunet (home to Museo Romantico), and we viewed the exteriors of Museo de Arquitectura and the bell tower of old San Francisco convent (now Museo Nacional de la Lucha Contra Bandidos).

One of my favorite stops on this day was at the Casa de la Musica de Trinidad, where we was treated to a demonstration of some of the many instruments used in traditional Cuban music.

For Lunch, we dined La Ceiba paladar.

The food was beautifully plated and delicious.

My absolute favorite activity on this day was the visit to local artist Lazaro Nieblas workshop and visiting a store where ladies who sew and crochet in the traditional Cuban way.

On recognizing this being our last evening in Cuba, my tour mates and I walked around the town looking for a place where we could get a drink.

We found a really cute bar, Ruinas de Segarte, to enjoy a drink.

After a full day, we made our way back to Sancti Spiritus and our hotel before heading out to our farewell dinner at Paladar 500.

It was a perfect day with a perfect evening.

To view more photos from my seventh and last full day in Cuba, click here.

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