The Wrap’s The Thing

This year, my holiday season began with a Hanukah/Christmas gift wrapping project. I was hired by a lovely couple to wrap gifts for their beautiful daughter and their extended family.

IMG_2383For this project, the supplies (paper, ribbon, and tape) were provided by the couple.

Tips for wrapping gifts:

  • Measure twice and cut once. If you’re working with a roll of paper, always make sure that you have enough overhang of the paper to cover the entire box.
  • Scale is important. If you have a small gift, choose a wrap with a smaller design and vice-versa for a big gift.
  • Use single sided tape to affix the wrap any place that won’t be seen; for all other place that will be visible to the human eye, use double sided tape on the interior flap.

I was allowed creative license for the types of bows that were created for each gift.

Tips for choosing the ribbon for a gift and making the bows:

  • Stretching ribbon and tuile are great ribbons to use when wrapping gifts for children.
  • Wire ribbon is great for bows on adult gifts; adults are less likely to have a severe reaction to being pricked with the exposed wire tips of the ribbon.
  • When making bows, your the best supplies to have on hand are double sided tape, a stapler, and the ribbon itself.
  • Once you learn how to make a basic bow and the pom pom bow, all other bows become easier.
  • Be creative. Think through how you’re going to make your bow and execute it.

In addition to wrapping gifts for this couple, I had the privilege of wrapping two additional gifts for someone that is near and dear to my heart, my co-worker, Heather and her daughter.

Then there was the deceptively nicely wrapped grab bag gift:

Inside this pretty packaging was Brittany Spear’s perfume.  The whole idea behind this wrapping was to fool the person who picked this gift into thinking the inside would be just as nice as the outside. It TOTALLY worked!

There are many resources available that will show you how to create beautifully wrapped gifts. However, if wrapping gifts is out of your comfort zone, the tips below will help you to find an expert gift wrapper.

Tips for hiring a gift wrapper:

  • Ask for a recommendation (generic): When shopping at a store that specializes in gift wrap or paper products (i.e. Kate’s Paperie, Papyrus, Paper Source, The Container Store during the holdiays) ask the staff if they have a recommendation or know someone whois available to wrap gifts.
  • Ask for a recommendation (personal): If you received a beautifully wrapped gift or you attended a celebration with beautifully wrapped gifts, don’t be afraid to inquire if the host can recommend a gift wrapper.
  • Ask for a demonstration: Once you have someone in mind, contact the person and invite them to a meet-and-greet so that you can become acquainted with each other. Bring an item that you would like wrapped and ask them to demonstrate their skills.
  • Hire the person: Set a date and a payment rate that works for both you and the wrapper.

Tips for preparing for wrapping appointment:

  1. Dedicate a specific area in your home where the wrapper will complete your job.
  2. Lay out your wraps, ribbons, gift bags and gift tape.
  3. Organize your gifts by who they are for and who they are from.
  4. If you have specific gifts that you want wrapped in a specific paper, pair the two together before your wrapper arrives.
  5. If you want a specific style and pattern bow with a specific paper, print out

The more organized you are setting up the wrapping area, the faster and smoother your project will go for both you and the gift wrapper.

Do you have any tips for wrapping gifts, for creating unique bows, or for hiring a professional gift wrapper? If so, please post them in the comment section.

I hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed wrapping the gifts you see within.



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