Cobb Salad at Luka’s


Story: I love San Francisco. Having traveled there six times, I always like to visit old and new places. I also try to plan a day trip to Oakland, which is just a short ferry ride or BART ride from San Francisco. On my third visit to San Francisco, my mom and I made a stop at one of our favorite food haunts in Oakland, CA: Luka’s Taproom. On this particular visit, I decide to try the Grilled Chicken Cobb Salad, which I like to think of as the “everything but the kitchen sink” salad. As you can see for this photo, this salad was beautifully presented.  The yellow and red grape tomatoes, the vibrant green avocado, perfectly grilled chicken and fried bacon, the beautiful golden yellow yolks in the sliced boiled egg and the creaminess of the Reyes blue cheese on a bed of mixed greens combined made this not only one of the most gloriously presented salad, but also one of the yummiest fresh and clean salads I’ve ever eaten.  If you happen to be in Oakland, CA, I highly recommend you make a beeline straight to Luka’s Taproom for the Grilled Chicken Cobb Salad. Trust me, your mouth and stomach will thank you.

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